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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anthony Bourdain + The Moth + Chef Chad Kelley's Bone Marrow

What do you get when you combine Anthony Bourdain and Chef Chad Kelley's Bone Marrow dish at The Moth??.... PURE, ABSOLUTE AWESOMENESS!!

There's definitely something to be said for getting a well known publication, (The Dallas Observer: City of Ate) to refer your food to THE Anthony Bourdain...chef, food writer, Travel Channel show host, and certified BAD A$$...

For as much as we watch Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the Travel Channel each week, a trip to The Moth by him.... for me.. (and Chad as well, I am MORE than certain), would be nothing short of EPIC.  Yesterday The Dallas Observer, City of Ate planted the seed for a little visit to The Moth to try Chef Chad Kelley's bone marrow while in Dallas in's hoping some of Tony's travel exec's read it and take note.  :) 

Set to take stage at the Majestic Theater here in Dallas on October 27th, Tony may not have much time to take in ALL the fun and unique DFW area restaurants, but I sure hope he makes time to visit Chad at The Moth for what he calls his "desert island dish". 

Here's what the Dallas Observer had to say... (and this is just a print screen of the online can go read the real thing here.)

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