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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome to Texas Ya'll :)

Schmidt Family Dallas Take-Over... A Mini-Series  ;)

Since even before our wedding back in 2009 (WOW...has it really almost been TWO years since we got married?!?)...Chad's sister (Christy) and husband (Ryan).. with our niece (Kenzie) and nephew (Logan).. have been plotting their slealthy escape from sunny Southern California.  Now if you've ever been to sunny Southern California, you're probably wondering, why in sam HELL, would you EVER leave beautiful California for...TEXAS, of all places?!  Well, besides the obvious.. (US!! ;).. California is a pretty freakin' expensive place to live.  With the current job market not looking too hot and with two beautiful kiddos to raise, there really wasn't a question about whether they WOULD move out... it was just a matter of WHEN they'd move out.  Apparently, the time had finally come... and we are ESTATIC!

A few months ago... talk about a move out here stirred again.  Initially, their plan had been to plant roots in Austin... but, after NOT TOO much convincing on our part...we got them to choose Dallas as their home away from least for the first part of their "Take over Texas Tour".  ;)  Plans are currently underway and we should be expecting our little extended family to show their pretty faces around the middle of September!  We couldn't be more excited to finally have family living near by... now we just need to get Chad's mom to move out here too ;)  Planting the seed already...  

We'll just casually leave out how ridiculous these summers have been here...ssssshhhhhh... ;) 

We can't wait to be able to see these cutie faces anytime we want!!  :)

Logan (second from left) and Kenzie...with their second cousins Hayden (far left) and James (far right)

What a stud!

Cute little face!

And Christy, you can thank me later for leaving out pictures of you and Ryan .. ;)  I know how much you LOVE pictures!  Can't wait to see you guys!

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