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Monday, August 01, 2011

Brother, Sister Meet & Greet

Over the course of last week.. while not being in the valley to enjoy the excitement of the new baby's arrival...(SUPER sad face!!)... :( ... my mom and sister-in-law did their best to include me in all the family activities by sending much needed baby love pictures.  On Andrew's very special birth day, just hours after his arrival into the world, his big sister Addison met her baby brother for the very first time.  :)  By the looks of it, she was one happy camper...and so far, I've heard she's been a very helpful big sister!  I can't wait to squeeze those baby cheeks! 

Side Note:  I'm heading down to the valley this Wednesday to wrap that baby in some Good 'ol, Aunt Yvette Lovin' so you can bet I'll be coming back next week with TONS of pictures to post... stay tuned! (insert giddy Auntie Squeal of EXCITEMENT!! )

My brother, proud papa...with little Miss Addison and her baby "brudder" Andrew.. :)

LOOK at that FACE!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Love it!

I don't think anyone noticed but Addie was actually born at 1:07am.. and that was the room Christi was in after Andrew was born... What a co-inkidink!

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