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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

MORE Meddlesome Moth - Chef Chad Kelley "Specials"

I swear ya'll are missing out..

I know for the majority of my friends in the valley or for Chad's family out in California, seeing these pictures is just a tease.. but if it makes at least ONE of you come to Dallas for a visit, I've done my job.  For the rest of you local friends, here's what you've been missing out on if you haven't made it to The Moth yet.  The specials change daily...according to what my chef is "feeling" that you never really know what you might get... BUT... I can guarantee a tasty meal regardless!  (the regular menu is pretty darn amazing as well..if the "un-known" factor isn't quite your speed)

All the food pictures below are courtesy of the Meddlesome Moth Facebook Page.  "Like" them today!

This JUST added as their lunch special for today (although you can find it on the dinner menu anytime!)  Heirloom tomato stuffed with blue crab salad and basil couscous :) 

Ceviche de Leon - Shrimp, Cod and Avocado

Wild Salmon over Red Beets, Fresh Horseradish and Spinach paired with Duvel Single Hop

Rabbit and Sage Terrine with Pickled Beech Mushrooms paired with Chimay Cinq Cents

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