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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

365 Days of Everleigh - Daily Life. Captured. Year One.

Since the day Everleigh was born, I have made it a point to capture at least one moment of her day, everyday.  The idea had always been that when her first birthday came around, I would have (AT LEAST) 365 pictures for a book.  Her daily life. Captured.  I didn't realize it then...when I first started this little project, that not only would I be making a photo timeline of her sweet life, I would also be creating Aunties and Uncles out of all my friends near and far that would see my Bear growing up right before their very eyes. (As I posted her photos on Instagram of course ;)   Those daily photos would take our bear to places and homes she'd never been in before... and into the arms of people she'd never even met yet.  I've loved the response that I've received from the photos throughout her first year.  An outpouring of love for a bear everyone has come to know and love as their own.

And although we're nearly through the month of February, I did, in fact, have this book ready and printed just after her birthday. (YEAH ME!)  We did wait til Christmas to gift them to the Grandparents though.. just never got around to blogging about it.  And not thinking about a copy for US, we gave away our stash so I just recently ordered a book for us.  ;)  I'll update this post with photos of the actual book when we get it.  (It really was a beautiful book.. Everleigh LOVED looking through all the pictures of herself. ;)  

Created on Shutterfly, here is a quick look at our bear's 365 Days Of Everleigh (12"x12") book.  

Front Cover

Inside First Page

All the pages that came after looked like this.  Instagram worked perfectly for this application. 
All little squares, the perfect size to show her growth throughout the year.  

38 Pages Later.. ;) 

And finally the back cover.  

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