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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dining Room & Office Area - Progress Photos

To say that our new Frisco house has come a long way since we moved in in mid September is an understatement beyond measure.  At least to me it is.  I'm proud of what we've accomplished in that seemingly short period of time.  Especially since we immediately had Everleigh's 1st birthday to plan (and execute!), pre-planned trips to take and holiday celebrations to host.  

In that amount of time, (with Chad and I both working full-time and contending with a very active 1+ year old) we've painted almost EVERY single room in the entire house (kitchen, pantry, living, dining, hallways (upstairs and down), 4 of the 5 bedrooms, 1 of the 3 bathrooms and 1 HUGE playroom) .. with it's 9', 10', 12' and in some places 18' ceilings.  We've sanded and stained ALL the kitchen cabinets, bought new furniture to fill some of the barren rooms and changed out ceiling fans and most lighting fixtures around the house as well.  

Sounds like a lot... but the fact that we're only scratching the surface, has me shuttering with exhaustion.  :) 
There's still so much I'd like to do, it feels like we'll never call this house completely done.  Such is life.  

BUT.... here's a look at how far we've come in the dining room and the front entry office area!! Yeah for PROGRESS!!  Some before pictures from the original listing and after pictures taken by yours truly.  ;)   

Because I couldn't bring myself to start the post with the "Before" picture below.  lol.

How we saw it when we were house hunting.  
It obviously worked for the previous owners, it just wasn't our taste.  
First thing we did was paint this room.  

On the never ending list of honey do's, I have a stencil project in mind for these dining chairs.  
Much like these that I saw on Pinterest here and here.  

STAINING - after tackling ALL of our 20+ kitchen cabinets, I was pretty much done with staining. Anything.  Ever.  Eventually though, I'd like to stain the stair railing seen here (and the living room fireplace) to match the kitchen's dark espresso color cabinets.  

Our Front Entry Office Area.  
I'm not sure how high on the priority list this is.. 
but eventually I want to add an area rug to the dining, living and here in the office area.  

Shelving close ups.  :)

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