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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fourth of July BBQ FUN!!


It's funny how the best parties are the ones that don't come with very much planning. Being that Chad had two consecutive days off this July 4th, you would've thought that we would've taken advantage and planned a big shing dig... but the day came quickly and we still didn't have anything concrete planned. During our afternoon trip to the store that day, we stocked up for the makings of a bbq feast that could feed an army (literally) without even knowing if we would have anyone to feed! As luck would have it we were delighted to find a few close friends with no real plans other than to come hang out with us!! A good time was certainly had by all and we can't wait to do it again! Let the entertaining BEGIN!! :)

Macie and Mommy hanging out before our guests arrive..
The menu was a gourmet bbq feast fit for royalty!!
Chad whipped up some CRAZY yummy goodies that EVERYONE loved! Good job baby!
(we added prices just for fun... hehehehe)

Here's Chad working on the garlic, onion and peach glaze that went on the pork shoulder he grilled... OH.MY. GOODNESS!!

Not sure what's happening here... but apparently Chad was being silly.. like always.. hehehehe..

Here I am working on my contribution to the dinner..
A sugar free layer concoction made with Sugar free Oreos, Sugar free pudding, Sugar free Cool whip and Light cheery pie filling... surprisingly, it was GOOD!! lol.. Chad seemed to think I was nuts... Chad-"Where the hell's all the SUGAR?!?!" lol..

Mary Ann and Chiku... working on the wine.. :)

I think we had one too many glasses by this point. Needless to say, we were happy. :)

Ready to EAT!!

About to serve it up... I love my CHEF!

Winding down the evening with a few laughs...

Mena knocked out pretty soon after we filled her belly with yummy goodness... :)

Kelley family lovin' :)

Sleepy kisses... Awww...

Nope.. sorry love. ALL GONE... (I think it was me that drank it all.. hehehehe)

hehehehehe... SNEAK ATTACK!! Guess he REALLY, REALLY wanted that wine! lol..


meggie said...

LOVED your update yvette! omg you have NO idea what i'd give to have some texas brisket in scotland - that looked delicious!!! i need to come and experience your future-hubby's culinary skills. :)

guajardo fam said...

I can't wait to go to one of y'alls parties.:)

Yvette said...

Awww.. thanks Meg for the comment.. I just now barely saw that you posted something! Girl.. no fret about coming out to experience Chad's culinary skills... hell, we need to take the texas brisket to YOU!! How long are you staying there again...?? We SOOOOOO need to get over there for a visit!!