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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 9 Months and Counting

Everleigh’s Monthly Photos:  This mommy's attempt to capture our Baby Bear's growth in relation to her “Letter E"... Continued. 

It's funny how there seems to be a pattern in the way these monthly photos are starting to go down.  I'm actually not sure how much longer I'll even be able to do them, now that she's sooooooooooooooooo incredibly ACTIVE!  I'm honestly surprised, looking back at these pictures, that I was able to get ANY at all.  Two seconds after I sat her down, she was either reaching for the "E", twisting and turning in all sorts of directions, or trying to launch herself off the side of this chair.  I swear this girl makes me SWEAT!!  

Oh and that FACE!! So serious!!  It's amazing to see her little personality starting to develop.  There's so much of Chad in her (well I guess me too cause Chad and I have very similar personalities).  Serious on the outside, goober on the inside.  But only for a select few...or when she really gets to know you.  (Just like her dad ;)  

She's so observant of the world around her.. so methodical, at times, about the movements she makes.  You can just see those little wheels spinning in her head as she thinks things through, trying to figure out everything that's going on around her.  A lot of times it's still really hard to get her to laugh out loud... BUT once you do, she's a HAM!!  And...of course because I WANT her to smile.. she doesn't.  Such is life.  ;) 

Recent Milestones:   
Not much in the way of milestones this month actually.  She mastered crawling and standing steadily last month and we haven't really given her any NEW foods recently... except for Mango (which  apparently she's allergic to because she broke out in a rash).

MORE TEETH - Sometime in the 8th month, she got her EIGHTH tooth.  Makes me kinda sad just because her teeth make her seem so OLD to me... like she's a full fledged TODDLER!! Tear.  :(  

Hello and Bye Bye - Definitely a milestone in my book.  We've recently learned how to wave hello and bye bye).  ;)  

To view her other monthly photo sessions... Click on the links below.  

Annnnnnd..... I'm spent.  ;) 

That's a WRAP!!  

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