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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry FIRST Christmas Everleigh - 3 Months Old

Dear Sweet Baby Bear,

I can't believe you're THREE MONTHS old already!  It makes me so sad that time is moving at warp speed because I can't seem to take enough of you in.  You're SOOOOO incredibly adorable with your squishy cheeks and super chunky thighs and arms.  I just want to SQUEEZE YOU forever!!  I also can't come to grips with the fact that I'll be starting work again next week.  SUPER sad mommy right here. :( :(  It has been what I'm dreading the most.  I'm going to have such a hard time leaving you.  You've been my little partner in crime every single minute of the day for these last three months.. I seriously doubt I'll actually be able to concentrate on work (at the beginning at least).  You'll be in good hands with Grandma D though.. I'm sure you're going to have lots and lots of fun with her and I'll try and sneak out of work early whenever I can. (but shhhhhhh... Our little secret, ok?? ;)  

So it's been three weeks since we were down in the valley when your Grandpa and Grandma saw you last and even they can't believe how much you've grown! Your little baby mullet is filling in (although you're wearing out the little hair you have in the back from where you rub the back of your head back and forth each night before bed) and your chunky legs are getting..well chunkier!  So many people think you're much older than 3 months just by how alert and steady you are now.  You can hold up your head during tummy time, "stand" on our legs for a while and steady yourself when I carry you around (which most of the time I don't even have to support your back anymore!)  You're sleep schedule is getting a little better.. although it still varies.  Sometimes you can give me five hours sleep, sometimes SEVEN!  Or ONE time at least.  ;)  Here's hoping you continue to take after your parents and sleep for longer stretches at a time.  :)  Your dad and I LOVE our sleep!!  

Your first Christmas with us was an absolute HIT!! Your grandparents, GREAT grandma Nana, Aunt Christi, Uncle Omar and cousins Addie and Andrew all came to visit us here in Dallas.  We EVEN got SNOW!! ON Christmas DAY!  It was the very FIRST time Addie and Andrew saw snow as well :)  Everyone was really excited to go outside...even your Daddy!  He was kinda upset that none of us let him really take you outside for it.. although you DID get a couple snowflakes on your face when we let him open the door and take pictures with you just past the opening.  It was FREEZING out there!!  :)  Hope it snows again when you're old enough to REALLY enjoy it like Addie did.  We had snowball fights and everything!  :)  (Pictures to follow in the next Christmas post... this post is ALL YOURS ;)  

And because I couldn't decide which picture to post of you... I'm putting them ALL!  Thank you for being so cooperative and giving us such cutie little grins and chuckles and for making it so tough to choose just one !!

We LOVE YOU baby bear! 

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