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Friday, December 14, 2012

Thanksgiving In The Valley - 2012

Seems kinda odd blogging about our Thanksgiving trip down to the valley when Christmas is right on our heels... but between feedings and napping when the baby naps (or attempting to... she's been "cat-napping" a lot lately, only taking 15-20 minute power naps every few hours)... and trying to take showers when I can, using our elliptical to shake off that pesky baby weight and shopping for Christmas... I haven't really had a whole lot of down time to sort through the bazillion and one photos that were taken during the time we were visiting and blog.  

In my attempt to give Everleigh a well documented life, please excuse my delay.  :) 

My sweet little happy camper and expert traveler :)

I have to say that in the weeks leading up to this trip... I was more than a little nervous traveling alone with a newborn on a plane.  Because Thanksgiving came so close to Chad starting his new job, there was no way he could take any extra time off to travel down with us.  To prepare for our solo adventure to the valley, Everleigh and I spent every day, in the week leading up to our trip, getting to know the Baby Bjorn.  Talk about a lifesaver!  Snug as a bug in a rug, she slept through our check-in, slept through security and woke up just in time to her feeding during take off.  She stayed awake throughout the entire flight down and never made a peep!  Love my sweet, happy girl...such a great experience!  

Right from the get go, Everleigh was set to meet the family who hadn't been able to travel to Dallas for her birth.  First up, NANA..her Great Grandmother (my mom's mom :)

Next:  Everleigh's cousin Little Miss Addison, who was MORE than a little excited to meet her new best friend.  :)

After finally making our way to my brother and sister in law's house, Everleigh got to meet her Aunt Christi and Cousin Andrew.  :)

Words can't explain how much I love this little, sweet girl :)

Everleigh's face is classic!  
MOOOOMMM!!! You're embarrassing ME!!

It was so incredibly adorable how much Addie loves her cousin Everleigh.
So much love in those eyes for each other.  Can't wait for them to grow up together... 

Grandma Maldonado getting ready for our Thanksgiving FEAST!

So cute how Andrew was more weary of ME than he was of the baby.. 
Sweet Cousins!


Next Up:  Celebrating Baby Everleigh's Arrival! 

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