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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I'm dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS - 2012

From our family to yours, the Kelley's and Maldonado's, here's hoping your holidays have been filled with joy, laughter and blessings beyond compare.  Our Christmas couldn't have been better... 

In our house, photo's tell it best.  Tis the season!  

Addie reading the letter Santa had written her thanking her for the cookies she left him :) 

Andrew and Addie Maldonado

My brother Omar, his wife Christi and kiddos
Andrew Omar - 17 months
Addison Grace - 4.5 years

Happy that Santa left so many wonderful presents!!  

A snack before opening presents.. 

Addie and her cousin Everleigh

One last look at the tree before the chaos 

Addie and Grandpa Maldonado being silly... :)


While my little one took a snooze.  :)

Happy with his big boy truck :)

Oh wait.. just kidding.. only a little cat napper.  :)  

Happier playing with the bag his toy came in! 

Fun with BIG BAGS!!

AND THEN..... SNOW!!!!  
PAUSE in the festivities to take a walk in the snow as it fell!  :)  

First White Christmas for Addie, Andrew and Everleigh :)

Even Everleigh got to experience snow for the first time.. :)  
Just by the door of course.. BUT enough to have a few snow flakes fall on her head.  :)  

Everleigh and Daddy :)

 Now... back to the action of opening more presents!!  

The grandparents got custom made books of Everleigh's professional photo session.  :) 

And Chad opened Everleigh's gifts. :)

Next Up:  SNOW BALL FIGHT :)  

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