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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 5 Months and Counting

Everleigh’s Monthly Photos:  This mommy's attempt to capture our Baby Bear's growth in relation to her “Letter E"... Continued. 

You would never be able to tell just by looking at these pictures that this sweet, smiling baby girl was dealing with a NASTY case of the sniffles.  And congestion.  And coughing.  It’s almost WORSE that way for me though.  She’s so happy and sweet BUT can’t BREATHE and has trouble falling into a deep sleep at night.. tossing and turning.. thrashing her legs and arms and never fully getting the rest she needs.  Poor thing.  This mommy feels so bad for her.  We’ve tried everything.  Motrin for the slightly elevated fever… An air purifier in her room in case it’s allergy related.. Vicks Plug Ins…the DREADED bulb syringe thingy that Everleigh (like most kids, I’m sure) HATES!  These parentals are running out of options here!!  I know there’s not much else to do but wait and let it run its course… but, I’m OVER IT!  Boogers BE. GONE! 

I am glad though that this sniffle business didn’t hinder our 5 month photo session this week.  A couple days late (but who’s really counting), here’s my sweet Baby Bear at just a smidge past five months, as sweet as ever.  And of course because I can’t pick JUST ONE… 

(To see her past monthly HERE or... HERE or...HERE)

Well...what you doin' up there Mommy?!?!
By the end of our "shoot" she had wriggled her way down the chair to her baby yoga position.  lol.. 
Silly Bear :) :) 

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