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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patty's Day @ The Dallas Zoo

As we try to figure out the limits of our good-natured daughter...seeing just how long she'll smile before a total meltdown ensues because we've reached our limit o' fun...I was particularly nervous about this outing to the Dallas Zoo.  Would Everleigh cooperate and happily stay in her stroller?  Would she meltdown mid-fun because she was too tired to play nice any longer?  We figured we wouldn't know unless we tried so we met up with Everleigh's Aunt Christy and cousins Logan and Kenzie and spent St. Patty's Day enjoying the beautiful weather and a very happy and interested baby.  Whewww!!  Cross that attraction off our list for a while.. at least til Everleigh's like 2 or 3 ;) 

We were so glad to take advantage of the gorgeous weather before the typical Texas triple digits rolled into town... and EVEN MORE glad to have an exhausted baby that fell asleep easily on her own that night.  :) 

As always.. our photos tell our story here.  :) 

Cousins - Kenzie, Logan and Everleigh Kelley

Oh yeah this is typical Daddy silliness right here.. lol.. :)

Someone looks TIRED!!  :)

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