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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Everleigh's New Milestones - Month 5

In an effort to keep up with the many milestones that our little bear has HURDLED over these past few weeks... (because this mommy doesn't even know where Everleigh's baby book even IS... yikes, bad mommy ;)  Here's a list of her most recent accomplishments. 

Holding her own bottle (she's got the 4ouncer down pat... she still needs a bit of help with the 8oz monster bottle though...)  It's amazing how quickly she picked up this little trick.  She's been "trying" to hold her bottle for a while now.. she's just now mastered it without any help at all.. even taking it out and putting it back in her mouth on her own.  What a big girl!!

Reaching for MOMMY and DADDY!!  - I'm putting this in here because I want to remember the first time she actually reached out with INTENT.  She doesn't always do it yet, but I've gotten a few and that's all it takes to make this mommy's heart melt. 

TEETH - She's technically been teething since week 8, when the drool began and her fist almost never left her mouth.  Anything and everything that she could chew on, went straight to her mouth...but on Week 24 (March 12th) her first bottom tooth finally broke through!! SUCCESS!!  The very next day, it's neighbor tooth joined the party and showed it's pearly whites!  :)  Two teeth in two days.. I'd call that a productive week for sure! 
If you look closely, you can see her bottom two TEETH starting to pop up!

Raarrrrr... Anything and everything that can go into her mouth...

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling - The day after she cut her first tooth, and the day she got her SECOND tooth, she also finally ROLLED OVER!!  It was almost too much for this mommy to take.. she seems to be growing, learning and changing so quickly, but I couldn't be more PROUD of my little wiggle worm.  Once she learned how to tuck and roll over that stubborn shoulder that always seemed to be in the way, there was ABSOLUTELY no stopping her. 

Someone SURE IS proud of herself and her new found ability to roll over!  :) 

SUSHI!!! - Just kidding.. no sushi yet, we just love the intense look of concentration on Everleigh's face as she tried to take in all the foodie goodness on one of our most recent visits to our favorite sushi restaurant. One day Little Bear, one day. ;)

And just because my heart skips a beat every time we can succesffuly make Everleigh giggle, here's Everleigh and her daddy being silly goobers. Unfortunatley it's audio only, it was dark in her nursery room and I was afraid a huge light in her face would distract the fun. :) :)  

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