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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Water Bear

If you live in Texas, you know that there are only a few ways to get through the scorching summers.  Sit inside and "wait it out" ;), live in a pool or head to the beach.  

Yvette usually hunkers down inside....traveling from one air conditioned space to another. ;) Although growing up in South Texas afforded us the luxury of spending our weekends at South Padre Island (where my parents parked their travel trailer every summer), I still wasn't ever a big fan of getting into the water.  I hate being hot.  I hate sweating.  I don't like the ocean.  Sand in hard to reach places?  No thanks!  Needless to say, water and Yvette have never really been friends.  Mere acquaintances at best... but best buds we are not.  

Enter Chad Kelley.  Growing up in California with beautiful weather year round, living and growing up on the beach...practically swimming from birth...his idea of summer was a little different than mine.  And his love of the water is still a mystery to me.  I knew though, from the moment we got pregnant with Everleigh, that I wanted all our babies to love water.  Or at least be comfortable in it...and absolutely know how to swim.  So once this summer rolled around, the first thing I did was buy my bear a swim suit.  A cute one at that.  Then we waited.  And waited.  Til Chad and I were free (and our neighborhood pool wasn't busting at the seams with people).. 

Then.... It happened.  The pool was EMPTY?!  Could it be true?  On a GLORIOUS day no less when a VERY unusual cool front had come into town.. (in JULY?!).  SCORE!  We were on it.  ;)  

Our Bear's first swimming pool experience... in pictures ;)  And yes there are TONS.. because this new mom wanted to capture our bear's first time "swimming" for posterity.  :) 

No paparazzi photos please!  ;)  

Rainbow Bear :)

Took her two seconds to realize this was MUCH more water than she was used to during bath time. :)


Mommy cute little water baby! :)

Then she wanted to drink it.  :)


Not quite sure how she was feeling about The Daddy Disappearing Trick.  ;) 

Didn't dunk her head all the way in.. 
Just got her hair wet...for now.  :) 

More tongue action ;) 

So serious.. 

Just lounging with Daddy.. :)

And we're spent.  Super tired baby after a fun time in the pool :) 
(And yes... mommy did take two different hats to the pool for one baby.. ;) 

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