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Friday, January 25, 2013

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 4 Months and Counting

Dear Sweet Baby Bear,

It's been FOUR MONTHS and I still haven’t gotten over the longing to always be near you.  Or kiss your sweet, squeezably soft cheeks.  I can stare at you for hours.. fearing that I’ll miss that sweet smile that you make just for me.  It’s amazing how you can light up any room with that gummy grin of yours.. stretched from ear to ear.  If I catch your eye at night before you go to sleep, as the soft glow of your animal projector lights up the room, I can always count on a BIG, HUGE Everleigh grin just for mommy.  I know I’m biased but I’m almost certain that you are the most adorable baby I’ve ever seen.  My heart could literally explode with the amount of love that I have for you.  It’s indescribable really.  It’s cheesy, ooey gooey and very “new mommy” of me to say but… you really are an AMAZING baby! 

I absolutely love how you’re so even keeled, mild mannered, quiet and observant of the world around you.  You’re easily mesmerized by the shining, moving objects on the TV and you can sit quietly, undisturbed in your high chair just watching me cook dinner or wash your bottles.  You love bath times... never fussing, crying or making any objections so far.. lets just hope it stays that way. ;)  You love your Bumbo seat, although you may still be a bit too young for it since after about 10 minutes, you slink down.. unable to hold yourself up.  You love to sit up though, (and when you're not ready to lay down and go to sleep.. oh you better believe we're hearing about it).  You also love to STAND UP at any given chance.  We swear you'll be running before you crawl or walk just based on how strong you already are!  You kick your legs like crazy any time we set you down to change your diaper (driving daddy crazy when it's his turn to put your night time jammies on with those million and one buttons!! ;)  Give him a run for his money girl.. you've already got him wrapped around your little finger anyway ;) 
It seems like just overnight you doubled in size.  (Or at least your cheeks seemed to have.. lol… so squeezably soft!!) You're still wearing #1 diapers though and we just realized that you have been rocking the same outfits for at least 10 weeks now!! The monkey jammie onesie I took you to the valley in (10 weeks ago) is JUST about too short now... but still pretty good, I'd say, for one growing baby!  :) 

And just to see the progression of your growth over the last month, the following pictures were taken the day you turned 3 months (on Christmas Day) to your 4 month birthday, TODAY!! :)

The Many Faces of Everleigh

Yummiest Cheekies EVER!!

And those LIPS!!!
"E" is for Everleigh :)
Mama Bear and Baby Bear Love
Apparently Daddy thought it was too cold for just a regular hat ;)

First time in the HIGH CHAIR!!

Talking up a storm

Snuggle time with Daddy
Whatcha lookin' at??  ;)

The PERFECT Everleigh "Stretch Face"

Seriously LOVE those eyes
Someone looks TIRED!
Sweet smiles for mommy... melts my heart every. single. time.
Where'd Everleigh GO?!

Bumbo Fun
Sleepy Snuggly Time
Right before bed.. I can turn over to look at her in her bassinet and get this sweet smile in return...

Love my girl!

Friday afternoon visitor!  :)
Papa Bear and Baby Bear before bed..

Funtime after Bathtime
Love those Chunky Leggies!!

Happy "neked" baby!!

My little angel ready for the convent.  ;)
Playdate with little Miss Adeline Grace Malain.  First friends..
a bit sad to see her moving away :( :(

But maybe we can FaceTime with Adeline like we do with GRANDPA!!
Must get a snapshot with Grandma one of these days.. :) :)
And one with Aunt Christi, Uncle Omar, Addie and Andrew :)
God Bless Technology!!!

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