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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve with little Miss Addison :)

I have to admit that even though I miss the valley and my family, my heart lies with little Miss Addison.  She's my god daughter and niece and the REAL reason my heart aches to be back there.  She's a doll, and this Christmas was spent bonding like we hadn't before.  It had been a month since I'd seen her and it seemed like a lifetime.. It was sooo good to be back.  :)

Addie, mommy Christi and Aunt Yvette baking up a storm...

Something tells me she was NOT to happy with her apron... :)

Awww.... Someone take this thing off me please!

Seriously?  Who could resist this face?!
She's a freakin' SUPERMODEL!

Grandma Maldonado gave her a miniature broom... sooo cute!  She loves to sweep away...

Getting the house ready for Christmas!


Early Christmas present from Grandma! A slide...  :)

Sooo much fun!

Wheeeeeee... Thanks Grandma!

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