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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast as Husband and Wife :)

Having just returned from our Honeymoon, we decided to forgo traveling once again to spend our very first Thanksgiving together, just the two of us.  :)

In keeping with tradition, Chad and I (well mostly him but you could've guessed that already ;) cooked up a Thanksgiving feast unlike any other.  :)  It definitely had the making of a very traditional meal, but this time, with a Chad Kelley twist.  :)

A cook, not a baker, Chad relied on the Joy of Baking to remind himself how to make homecooked, made from scratch, brioche. 
He made the first batch, I MADE the second!  :) (So Proud!)

Pounding out the dough... :) 

Turkey done right.  Two turkey breasts for the event.  One wrapped in bacon, one covered...well SLATHERED in chorizo.... MMM GOOD! 

This is one hard working kitchen!

Green bean casserole... almost done :)

The final turkey product... well one of them that is..

Our brioche... sooo soooo good!  Tasty, buttery, and super dense.  :)

All this for two people???!!!??!

And for dessert...... Rice Krispie treats. :)
Our signature dessert (inspired by our very first date to Fearing's)

One SERIOUSLY good meal.  :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! 
We love you, miss you and can't wait to see ya'll again!

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