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Monday, August 20, 2012

33 Weeks - 5 weeks til induction

33 weeks :) :)

It's funny that even with so much going on and so much to mentally and physically prepare for in the next few weeks, my mind has literally felt like MUSH. I really haven't been able to focus on any one thing.  Blogging especially.  Even though I've wanted to capture as much as possible about this whole pregnancy experience, I've honestly had the hardest time compiling my thoughts into anything logical.  Pregnancy brain perhaps?? Or maybe its just fatigue as my body prepares me for all the sleepless nights ahead.  Each night it's a bazillion trips to the bathroom, constant tossing, turning and not being able to find a comfortable position as me and Macie jockey for space on our KING sized bed! Who knew a 30lb Schnotty (that's hybrid speak for a Scotty/Schauzer mix ;) could take up so much room on such a large bed. ;)

Our sweet little furry Macie has pretty much been stuck to me like glue for the last few weeks.  We are pretty convinced her doggy sense has made her aware of my growing belly and the baby that's due around these parts in the next few weeks.  :) 

Regardless of whatever has been making me feel so incredibly BLANK these days, I'm determined to document this pregnancy for posterity sake. 

Here's the low down on my 33 WEEKS of pregnancy!! :)

CRAVINGS:  I personally don't think my "cravings", or "hankerins" as Chad Kelley likes to call them, have been ALL THAT weird, but Chad might actually disagree with me on this one.  :)  At the beginning of my pregnancy, it was chili and cornbread, corn dogs (kinda random) AND.... pickles with sweet Crystal Light powder on top (yeah, yeah, yeah.. that last one might be a little strange, I must admit) but lately it's been mostly fruit.  Pineapple, grapes and cherries have been in constant rotation in our fridge.  And oh yeah... all things greasy and yummy..(like a juicy hamburger;) or PIZZA!!  Mmmmm.... Lou Malnati's anyone??  ;) 

My sweet husband actually sent off for one of our favorite Chicago pizzas a few weeks ago.  Remembering one of our memorable pizza stops on our last trip to Chicago, he surprised me with this tasty, tasty treat one night for dinner.  :)  LOVE. HIM! 

AVERSIONS:  Not so much actually.  For a few weeks at the beginning though, I couldn't look at or even THINK about eating eggs.  Egg are a staple in my (usually) super low carb, high protein house, so I was kinda worried at first when I couldn't even LOOK at them!  Thankfully, my fondness for eggs has since returned, although I'm trying to save all my egg consumption til after the baby is born, when I return to my normal low carb lifestyle.  (just don't want to get sick of them before I really start to rely on them again.. ;)

EMOTIONS:  Nerves? Check.  Anxiety? Check.  Giddyness?  DOUBLE CHECK!!  Aside from the occasional happy/nervous tears.. everything has been running smoothly on the emotional front.. so far anyway ;)

FEARS:  Since even before I got pregnant, my biggest worry has been my own diabetes.  How would this affect our baby??  Would she be healthy?  Would she be born diabetic??  Taking extra precautions to ensure all things ran smoothly, I've kept my insulin/sugar levels in check, I see an OB and special gestational sonographer (every week now) and consult with an endocronologist/nurse educator as needed.  So far, so good.  She's right on track!  Obviously the fear of the ACTUAL delivery still looms in my head...but at the end of the day, as long as she's happy and healthy, I can't WAIT for our little girl to make her appearance..pain or no pain...ughhh (shudder) :/ 

My preggo life..
Every single day (since I found out I was pregnant) I get the luxury of injecting myself before each meal and once with a different type of insulin before bedtime.  Luckily, I've become a pro at dealing with needles.. :/  Lucky me!  :/ :/

SURPRISES:  I have to be honest and say that the biggest surprise for me is HOW INCREDIBLY EXCITED Chad has been about this little girl!!!  Before this pregnancy, I couldn't even FATHOM the amount of joy that now radiates from his eyes whenever we talk about how much our lives will change in the next few weeks.  I always knew he'd be wrapped... I just never realized HOW wrapped he'd be...ALREADY!  I honestly didn't think that dads got THIS excited to shop for baby things...happily making a million trips to Babie's R Us and Buy Buy Baby.. putting the crib together... helping put the nursery in order or hanging up her little, pink baby clothes.  I was already so in love with this man, I'm fairly certain my heart is just going to EXPLODE when I finally get to see him holding her in a few short weeks. 

Our baby girl's coming home outfit all ready to go!  This was one of the Valentine's Day gifts I got from Chad before we knew what we were going to have.. <3>

BELLY MOVEMENTS:  Olympic athlete in the making!  Stretched WAAAAAYYYY across my belly, from far left to far right, there is NO WAY this little girl is going to like to be swaddled.  She has definitely made the most of my widening waist by practicing her Riverdance moves any chance she gets.  :)  OH and those HICCUPS!! Coming on every other day or so, if I close my eyes and concentrate reeeeeeallly hard, I can almost hear her sweet little hiccup sounds.  Eeeeep!!  (if you look closely at the video below, you can see my belly JUMP from her sweet hiccups!  :)  Best part of my day...

WEIGHT GAIN: Ughh... I'm STILL not exactly sure how I'm supposed to feel about gaining weight EVERYWHERE OTHER than my belly itself.  At least until most recently.  I widened out...first losing my waist (making me look square and linebacker-ish) then came the widening of the hips, butt and god awful thighs!  FINALLY, well into the 7th month, my stomach finally decided that it wanted to play catch up.  Thankfully too, cause although everyone said I "looked great" cause I was hardly showing.. I just felt FAT and unworthy of even shopping for cute maternity wear.  I can finally, finally walk into a maternity store and actually feel like I SHOULD be shopping there.. :)  Yeah for baby bellies! 

As for our little one.. last Wednesday, during our weekly sonogram visit (we go again this Wednesday), she weighed in at a very scrumptious 4lbs 13oz. :)  At the rate we are going.. she'll be an EASY 7.5lbs at our 38 week induction. 

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