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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yup! There's DEFINITELY a baby in there!! :)

It’s pretty amazing the incredible GROWTH that takes place on a daily basis when you’re pregnant.  In the elevator mirror each morning, I take a long glance at my belly knowing full well that by the time I head home each day, our sweet baby girl will have kicked her way to claiming a few more inches of belly room.  Just a few short weeks ago, her presence in my life felt like mere flicks, followed by gentle taps then stronger and stronger jabs…which has now led to ALL of the above PLUS the slow undulation of my belly as she gradually moves from one side to the other.  I’ve joked that it feels like she’s rearranging furniture in her little belly apartment.. while other times, she’s MOST definitely practicing her soccer moves for the 2032 Olympics. ;)    

30 week belly - 8 more weeks til induction!!

I count myself extremely blessed for having a fairly "easy" pregnancy so far.  Other than feeling LIKE THE SIDE OF A BARN!!..... gaining weight mostly and pretty exclusively in my hips, butt and thighs (UGHHH!!!), I haven't had any issues at all.  With my diabetes in check and pretty well controlled, I'm still considered "High Risk" and have to see my regular OB every two weeks now.. (at 32 weeks I will start once a week visits).  I also have to see a "special" sonographer just as often to make sure the baby is growing as she should be.. (which so far, has been perfectly!) Last check up at nearly 30 weeks measured our little bear at a whopping 3lbs 9oz.  ;) 

With toes officially gone, it's beginning to get a bit tougher to do the simple things I was used to doing just a week or two ago.. namely, rolling over in bed without grunting, bending down to paint my toes (which are in desperate need of some attention), leaning over the table to eat (just hand me a bib cause the only comfortable way I feel like I can sit at the table is leaning WAAAAAAAYYY back in my chair)... and just plain BREATHING..which is starting to make our stairs a challenge...not to mention the elliptical I've still been doing..  :/  Slowly but ever so surely I'm reaching that point that most pregnant women get to at end of their pregnancy.. "GET THIS GIRL OUT!!"... (but not before she's ready of course.. ;) 

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