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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Office Baby Shower SURPRISE!!

This October, right after our little baby bear arrives (and while I'm conveniently on maternity leave ;), I'll celebrate my 6th anniversary with Aguirre Roden.  In that time, I've moved from Architecture into the Marketing department, bought a house, met Chad, adopted a sweet little puppy named Macie, got engaged, got married and finally, GOT PREGNANT!  Not to mention all the wonderful traveling we've done in between and all the babies that have been born in our family since that time!  Whew... Makes me tired just thinking about it much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time :)  

Needless to say, I've been through a WHOLE lot with so many of my wonderful coworkers.  Especially the ladies in the accounting and admin department who've been Chad's biggest fans since the beginning and have watched excitedly as my life has unfolded before their eyes. 

The one thing I've always loved and appreciated about these ladies is how involved and excited they've gotten for me and all the major events that have happened in my life since moving to Dallas.  This little girl in my belly was certainly NO exception!  

Being super stealth and oh so sweet... they prepped and planned for weeks (without a peep from anyone involved) gathering supplies and funds from all my coworkers in the office for a very special SURPRISE baby shower for me and our little bear.  (And considering my office's proximity to the conference room where this little party was to be held, it was certainly a FEAT to get this all done without me noticing.) :)  

Sweets, treats and generous gifts was all I needed to make me feel so special and LOVED!!  

The beautiful cake was DELISH!!  

Our stock pile of diapers has begun :)  

What's with all my CRAZY faces!?!?  lol..

Everleigh's first PIGGY BANK!!  

Just what she needs to start her college fund off right... :)


office furniture said...

This is so cool. I am such a huge fan of their work. I really am impressed with how much you have worked to make this website so enjoyable.

Yvette said...

A fan of Aguirre Roden's work?!? How great! And thank you for catching up with us on this blog...makes all the time and energy it takes to keep up with it, worth it :) :)