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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Four years and counting.. :)

Every Memorial Day since the day we met, Chad and I have made it a point to head to Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie to do a little wagering.  Not cause we are expert gamblers or rolling in excess cash… quite the contrary actually… we don’t usually have a clue what we are doing… relying mostly on the expert’s picks for each race, how pretty the horses are or how funny the horse's names sound to us. :)

We head there each year in honor of our very first date. Our very first meeting actually. The day that would change our lives forever. Funny that Chad would’ve brought me to a place he knew nothing about.. flexing his gambling muscles (haha!) and losing his money as we nervously made our way through our first date.  I don't recall just how much money was lost that day, but I do remember that it DID turn out to be quite a fabulous day. An afternoon at the races, followed by taking in a few sites downtown and finally heading to a fancy schmancy dinner at Fearings. For those in the know, Fearings is quite the big deal for a first date.  I would later, and sometimes even to this day…give him a hard time for setting the bar so high right off the bat.  It worked though. ;) I was smitten and he stole my heart right from the get-go. There was no turning back now..

To read a little more about that first date goodness...and how our first few months progressed.. :) check out our ABOUT US link... HERE :)

This year, four AMAZING years later (Awwww..... ), with a strict baby budget in place, (YEAH for babies!!!) we set out to not lose the baby’s college fund.. (as if we’d actually wager that much...This cheap mexican would never let that happen.. hahaha.. ;) 

And wouldn't you know, we pretty much BROKE EVEN!  We spent a WHOPPING FIVE whole dollars on five hours of racing.  Can you even believe it?!?! We played small and won small but it was enough to make nine races seem like we had just won the lottery :)  It's amazing how much fun breaking even can be... can't wait to do it again next year.  :) 

And.... they're OFF!..

Heading back to their holding area after a hard race.  :)

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