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Friday, June 01, 2012

22 Weeks :)

I think it's pretty safe to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE sonogram days.  A little glimpse into what's happening in your little world and a chance to see how you've been progressing.  I'm amazed at how much you've grown since the last time your dad and I saw you on that monitor screen.  Before I could feel you movin' about in there, dancing that little jig I feel you do each day, I was always so nervous to know how you were doing.  Because I couldn't feel you, I didn't have any sense of security that you were alright and growing like you should. 

Now, each day I feel you kick and move and get stronger and stronger with every jab and flick of your foot.  At a whopping ONE POUND, you're progressing beautifully (according to the doctor, your organs are GLORIOUS and and we couldn't agree more. :)

Profile shot of your head and belly...with your cute button nose, sweet little lips and chin :)

Your dad and I have spent so much time staring at my stomach lately.  A Kelley Foodie already ;) you get to movin' as soon as I'm done eating...which is truly an amazing sight to see!  Bouncing around in there, we can already see my belly jump up and down when you kick :) 

I've been trying my best to feed you well.. so we can have your dad to thank if you end up lovin' Tofu, sushi rolls and Thai food.. not to mention all the fruit I've been craving.. pineapple in particular :)   
Your sweet little face profile.  I think you're getting too big to fill a screen... all they've been giving us is profile screen shots of your sweet noggin'. 

I love that each time we get a sonogram done, we end up with MORE snapshots of you than before.  Because I'm considered "High Risk" (due to my diabetes), we get to enjoy seeing you every single month! 
Your dad and I already have your first present waiting for your arrival.  A Build-A-Bear with your "Coming Home Outfit" your sweet dad gave me for Valentine's day.  :)  Can't wait for you to meet her... and US!! :)

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