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Monday, June 04, 2012

Nursery Room PIN-spiration :)

It's funny what people are interested in when they find out you're about to have a baby. Some people ask about your stroller selection or what type of crib you've purchased, while others ask about the nursery. What's your "theme"?? they ask.  Have you thought about how you're going to decorate?? While this is obviously the most fun question people have asked me...I think I've disappointed more than a few by saying that we don't actually plan to change much in our guest room, slash, nursery. Already a beautiful, calming shade of blue/green (or at least one wall is).. Chad and I have decided that we want to make what's existing work (keeping that room a guest room) and just try to incorporate some new "nursery-like" colors into the mix. I'm thinking a dark, saturated coral or magenta color to add to the teal and brown thing we have going...or maybe some bright mustard yellows or heck... ALL of the ABOVE! 

There will obviously be the addition of a crib.. (which we are actually having custom made to fit perfectly into one of the two side by side closets we have in the room). One of the closets will remain a closet..which we plan to retrofit with either a chest of drawers at the bottom and hanging bars above... or a closet system of some sort. And on the other side..A baby in a closet you say?? Not really.. I like to think that she'll be tucked neatly into her own little nook. It's only 30" deep so the crib won't actually be completely INSIDE the closet. With the doors removed and a cute valence and mobile added into the nook, our daughter will have a cute little crib space to call her very own. :)

Taken very quickly on a cloudy day (so the picture on my Iphone isn't that great)... here's the wall color we have in the Guest Room now. 

And some cute little wall flowers on one corner (in front of the elliptical...which will stay)...

And here's our "crib-in-the-closet" inspiration on my Pinterest Board.. :) 

I have to say thank goodness for Pinterest for bringing ideas to life!  When I first started talking about wanting to convert one of the closets into a crib nook, Chad looked at me like I was crazy.  A few google searches later, and I had found my inspiration!  I knew what I wanted, I just couldn't get Chad to "see" what I was talking about.. that is of course, until he actually SAW what I was talking about.  Ha! 

Again, excuse the crappy Iphone-ness..but the picture below is the 2 closet set-up we have going on right now.. The right side will be where the crib will go (current doors removed of course) ... The left side will remain a functional closet. 

Kinda like this one :)
Source: via Yvette on Pinterest

Source: via Yvette on Pinterest

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