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Friday, May 04, 2012

It's A ............ :) :) :) :)

I can't believe the last time your dad and I caught a glimpse of your tiny little growing body, it was over SIX WEEKS ago.  Such a short litte snippet of time, in the grand scheme of this pregnancy...but at the time, it felt like an ETERNITY.  Especially since we knew this particular sonogram would reveal if we'd be having a sweet little GIRL or if you'd be a bouncing baby BOY?!?!? 

I have to say, I don't know how people go a whole nine months without knowing the sex of their babies.  Your dad and I are such planners.  I NEEDED focus.  I needed direction.  Going into Babies R Us has been so overwhelming... that on more than one occassion I have left feeling more confused than when we went in.  I knew that finding out your sex would bring that clarity that I needed to really start focusing on YOU.  YOU were going to be more REAL to us than just being a growing little body in my belly. You were finally going to have a NAME.  An identity.  Visions in my head would finally be more clear.  Or at least, the IDEA of you would finally be more clear.. and that's all I really needed to start planning for your arrival.  :) 

When the day finally came and the nerves had reached their peak, just when I was convinced.. and don't hate me for this later... that you were MOST certainly a BOY...  (I'd had THREE dreams of seeing a little baby boy by this point.. so I had begun to call you "he") .. we finally got to walk into that sonogram room to find out for sure.  

Right away the sonographer asked if we wanted to know your gender.  We OVER-enthusiastically said YES and she began her tour of your little belly apartment.  :)  Heart beat strong and clear, the sonographer made her way around taking measurements of your little baby parts until she stopped abruptly and said... 

It's a GIRL!!!!! 

Just like the first day we heard your little heartbeat, my heart took a flying LEAP straight up to my throat!! We were THRILLED!  Stunned to say the least...but OVERJOYED.  I knew, in that one instance, your dad was done for.  He was MORE than beaming sitting there beside me in that room.  You could light up a thousand city blocks with the light that was pouring out of his eyes.  I fell in love with him a little more that day.  All because of you.  :)  I can't wait to hold you in my arms... October can't get here fast enough...

Two SECONDS after leaving the doctors office, we immediately got to work planning our little "gender reveal" get together for that evening.  True to form, and VERY LIKE us Kelley's for planning things so late... your dad hit the ground running planning the menu and shopping for last minute neccessities while I tried my best to NOT scream it from the rooftops to EVERYBODY that we FINALLY knew you were a GIRL!!

Gender Reveal Cupcakes!! Pink Frosting in the middle, Yellow on top! 

Hard at work...

YUMMY Chef Chad Kelley spread..

Mmmmmmm... Soooooooooooo incredibly good Tri-tip.  Perfection. 

Homemade Cheese sticks, and cheese crackers.  Made by your dad of course.  :)

The kiddies.. enjoying the festivities. 

Everybody excited and anxious to hear!!

We even played the DVD of you moving around in my belly. 
We thought someone might be able to tell from the video but..
NO LUCK!!  You were STILL a mystery by this point.  :) 

So... we took a VOTE!! 

After some people took their first bite... they found... 
PINK frosting!! 
I was too busy actually watching people's reactions to get more pictures of their faces.. lol..

Your Dallas Grandma, Miss Lisa, spreading the good cheer!! 

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