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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Weekend Getaway - Addie's 4th Birthday Party

I seriously can't believe this little one is already FOUR years old!  I'm amazed at how FAST time flies.  It LITERALLY seems like yesterday that we were all waiting patiently in that hospital room with Christi (very appropriately watching Father of The Bride 2 by the way :) waiting for this little...well scratch that.. this BIG girl.. to finally make her appearance.  Crazy to think that you can blink just ONCE and so much time has gone by..

I love this girl.  Such spunk.  Such personality.  Four going on TWENTY FOUR it seems.. so mature and so dang smart for her age.  A girly girl through and through, she was the belle of the ball at her Rapunzel birthday party this past Saturday.. playing hostess to every single guest that came in the door and rockin' that little dress like no one else could. 

Happy 4th Birthday Addison Grace!!
Your Aunt Yvette and Uncle Chad LOVE YOU <3

Sweet Landrah enjoying the festivities..

With her sweet cousin Maya!  :)

The hubs, our sweet little nephew Andrew and my Pops <3 

Hahaha.. love the faces on these two.  :)

Party People

Me and my Dad with the Birthday Girl.. before her wardrobe change.  :)

That's one hungry dude!  :) 

Andrew, trying to figure out what the heck is on his sisters HEAD!!  :)

This cake was kinda, sorta ridiculously HUGE for a 4th birthday..

Proud parents :)

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