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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Bear Kelley - 8 & 12 Week Sonogram :)

I have to say....

The first time that I heard your little heartbeat… going what seemed like a million miles a minute, my heart stopped. Well it actually didn’t stop….it took a flying LEAP straight up to my throat. My eyes INSTANTLY welled up with tears and I was, probably for the first time in a long time, at a loss for words. I felt Chads hand, as he sat there by my side in that dark room, squeeze mine, just a little bit tighter as we both just sat there and stared at that monitor above our heads. There you were.  Apparently we didn't even make a peep as the sonographer asked if we were excited.  Lol... Excited??!?!?! More like STUNNED and overwhelmed and overcome with emotion.  It all felt a little bit more real right in that one single moment.  :) We weren't just relying on our "magic stick" to know you were there.. we could actually SEE YOU!!   

Honestly, you didn’t look like a whole lot right then… A sweet little butter bean at most. Hard at work for the last 8 weeks’d already developed from just a mass of cells into a tiny little being with webbed fingers and toes and only just a little semblance of that tadpole-like tail you started out with.  About half an inch long, you had gone from blueberry sized to the size of a raspberry AND growing... at about one millimeter each day.  ;) 

February 27, 2012

Already, you’ve been so good to your mama. No morning sickness… no REAL fatigue. No crazy hormone or mood shifts to scare your dad away ;)  I HAVE been taking a lot more naps though.. (thank you for that.. I really do enjoy those ;) and I’ve been sleeping like a log two seconds after my head hits the pillow. But other than that.. I’ve felt great.. I just hope it STAYS that way for the next 7 months ;) 

A few short weeks later.. we had our 12 week sonogram. I was so excited and a bit nervous to see you again. I’d heard so many horrible stories about miscarriages before this time… it definitely had me on edge. Since our last visit, I'd seen a nutritionist and had been put on Insulin to control my sugar levels that were still in the "normal range" for this diabetic...but on the higher end of normal for my pregnancy.  Wasn't as bad as I originally thought though.. the nutritionist actually made me give myself a REAL "practice" shot in her office.. just to be sure I'd be able to do it at home later.  Yikes!! Palms sweating.. and near panic (your dad covering his face and nearly passed out himself.. lol..) I thought of you and went for it.  Luckily, I. felt. NOTHING!!  It was amazing and relieving all at the same time.  :)  Whew!!! 

This time, when we saw you again, so much had changed!! You actually looked HUMAN!! We could see your little hands and legs... and when the sonographer zoomed in on your sweet little bear head, you looked like a REAL, HONEST TO GOODNESS BABY!!  :) 

March 26, 2012

Now the size of a PEACH (Insane!!) at about THREE inches long.. well 5.8cm she said.. you're developing your vocal cords this week and have already developed all of your new bodily stuctures as most of your systems are fully formed.  Your digestive system is starting to flex its muscle as it starts practicing contraction movements and the pituitary gland has started producing hormones and the bone marrow is making white blood cells. 

And because your dad was so great for remembering, we actually caught part of our visit on his Iphone (from a distance unfortunately).. the screen was high above our heads and he didn't want to waste any time trying to figure out how to "zoom in" at the last minute.  Oh...and if you turn up the volume real high at the very beginning, you can actually hear your little heartbeat!!! It comes out again at the end too by the way.. I asked the sonographer to play it again before she shut down.  :)  :) 

You totally made our day...  Can't wait to meet you!! 

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