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Monday, March 26, 2012

Just a Tiny Speck of Life...

February 5, 2012 :) :) :) :)

It’s funny how much emotion can be conjured up from one little blue line on a stick.  It’s quite the “magic stick” though.. for in this "stick" lies our future.  A little window into what's going on inside my body at that very moment.  In less than one, single, solitary minute, our lives would change forever and our thoughts would instantly switch to you.  A speck.  Cells merging, converging.. creating life.  It’s hard to even begin to understand this miracle.  But in one instance… we knew you were there.  And in one instance, I knew you were meant to be mine.  I knew you were meant to be OURS.  

For the longest time I feared that I would never be able to have you.  Would my body cooperate?  Would we spend months trying?  Would you be ready for me, when I was ready for you?  So much time spent planning.. waiting for the right moment to bring you into this world.. Would God deem me worthy to even have you?? 

Your dad and I have loved you since before you were even created.  We've talked about you… thought about what you might become and even had a name picked out for you long before you were even a "speck" in my belly.  We can’t wait to hold you.  I have to admit though that even though I'm sooooooo incredibly excited to meet you... I’m nervous.  Will I be a good parent?  Will you come with a manual?!? ;)  I know there will be a lot of times where I'll second guess what I'm doing.. how I'm doing it and what I should do next.  But one thing will always be true.  I will love you all the days of my life.  WE will always love you.. Much more than I could ever begin to explain.  You were MEANT for us.  And we were meant for you. 

I can't wait to show you all the amazing things in this world.. All the beautiful places we will take you and all the adventures we will go on as one happy family.  BUT for now.. You and I have A LOT of work to do.  We BOTH have VERY important jobs to take care of..You keep growing, I'll keep protecting you in my growing belly and we'll see you in a few months!  :) 

Your Mom and Dad

And just to be sure you were REALLY, REALLY there.. we tested again, a week later.  ;) 

Oh and we also checked the EPT website OVER and OVER AND OVER again.. JUST to be SURE we were reading the stick right.. ;) 

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