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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here, There and Everywhere...

So in between gestating and general over all Prego tiredness, I've managed to completely (well maybe not so "completely") but almost entirely abandon this blog.  :(  I have to say though, (in my own defense), that other than GROWING A TINY little HUMAN in my belly... I haven't been doing much at all, except trying to sit back and RELAX!  So far so good, I think... ;) 

So far, there's been...

Gorgeous sunsets while walking Macie on these gorgeous Spring afternoons...
When I'm not napping after work that is.. This baby making situation is EXHAUSTING!!  ;) 

Receiving SUPER cute pictures of my nephew Andrew... who's not so little anymore.. and has the most SQUEEZEABLE cheeks EVER!! :)  LOVE HIM!! 

There's been..EATING.. A. LOT. of eating.. ;)  Thanks LOVE for this wonderful Stuffed Pepper dinner...
My diet would be bland and boring without you...  

We've also been enjoying the Spring blooms around our house and neighborhood..
Love that our little entry gate blooms so brightly, but hate that it literally only lasts for about a week

I'm also kind of obsessed with these rose bushes I've seen everywhere. 
They are so bright and beautiful!! Anyone know what they're really called?  Home Depot had similar ones called Knock Out Roses???  Is that right?? 

And I've also taken this little cutie pie..

To see these little cutie pies.. lol..
And yes they really were hanging out in a large tub filled with water..
(They've since upgraded to a blow up pool... lol) 

Mmm... did I mention EATING???  ;)  ;) 
So, the only truly WEIRDO pregnancy craving I've had (so far) has been pickles. 
Oh but not just any kind of pickle, prepared any old way... Oh no...
HUGE movie style pickles sprinkled with..wait for it... wait for it..Lemon, Berry Crystal Light powder!!  :) :) 
Sound weird??  Yes, I'm sure.. Tasty?!?  YOU BETCHA!! Sweet and Sour-y goodness... Mmmm..

There's also been healthy eating too by the way..
Halibut with Kale and Sausage prepared once again by my own personal Chef.  ;) 
Although, my hunger has been absolutely NON stop lately.. (for the last two weeks it seems to be on overdrive).. I STILL (unfortunately) have to watch what I eat...
Diabetes and Pregnancy equals NO FUN, AT. ALL!!

Well there you have it!! The last two weeks.. in a nut shell :)  Hope your Spring has been as blissfully relaxing as mine has been!!  :)   

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