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Monday, December 05, 2011

Holiday Yumminess ;)

As Christmas quickly approaches and Chad and I prepare to host our immediate families this year in Dallas (from BOTH sides of our families!!!) ...(Griswold Family Christmas anyone...?? ;) there's been a lot of hub-bub surrounding... you guessed it.. our holiday MENU!! (and yes, I did say hub-bub.. that's a word right??  Or maybe I'm just old.  hahaha..)  Anywho, last night, on somewhat of a whim and after only a soft mention about having a sweet tooth... (which of course is ALL Chad needed to get his gears spinning for some experimental dessert recipes!!!)... we hit our local supermarket with our ingredient list in hand.  A few hours later.. our kitchen was full of holiday yumminess.  :) 


And for those who need a little HOLIDAY CHEER for your next holiday party...
We're actually SELLING batches of these holiday treats.
Message me for details and pricing.  :)

Raspberry Marshmallows in the making..

Looks sooooo pretty and tastes sooooo good!!

Holiday Moon Pies
Chocolate Hazelnut Cakes with Raspberry Marshmallow filling
*** Other Flavors available ***

Sorry about the crappy Iphone photos... Will take better ones soon.  :) 

Best Peppermint Bark EVER!
No need to pay those ridiculous Williams Sonoma prices anymore!!

You'll CERTAINLY be the hit of all your holiday parties with these sweet treats :)

Inquire TODAY for pricing and moon pie cake and filling options at

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