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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks..

Giving Thanks in the tastiest way possible.  :)  Grubbin' down (or attempting to.. I, of course, was sick :( on this super slooooow Thanksgiving.  Because I had already spent the weekend back home, I spent this day relaxing for the majority of the day until it came time to head down to the restaurant to have dinner with a condensed version of our family (our brother-in-law Ryan and his dad Mike) and Chad (who of course...had to work...DOUBLE BOOOOOOO for making people work on Thanksgiving, who does THAT?! Bleh..)  The only good thing about the restaurant being open... we had the WHOLE place to ourselves!! 

The food was amazing as always.. :) 

A traditional turkey dinner...

Sweet potatoes with a candied glaze, pecans and blue cheese (which I USUALLY hate...but was ACTUALLY soooo tasty!!)  

Wild Rice with butternut squash

Green Bean Casserole

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