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Monday, December 05, 2011

Exit Strategy -

Now that the cat is officially out of the bag… (you can see the “breaking news story” by heading over to  DMagazine’s Side Dish Blog ...we can finally announce that Chef Chad Kelley has left the building. Literally. Well actually.. he left the Moth as Executive Chef…this past Saturday.

For those who know us, know that this isn’t much of a surprise. After a little more than two crazy (and.. most of the time, very frustrating years..) we both decided it was time to focus on US. Focus on finding that culinary passion and inspiration again. Focus on bringing CHAD to the people. No holds barred. No restraints. No reservations.

We are beyond thrilled about our future plans to focus on a new restaurant we can call our own. Something Chad’s been talking and dreaming about since before we even met. It seemed like the perfect time to break away from the chaos and frustrations that came with running this restaurant and get re-inspired again.

Because opening your own restaurant won’t happen overnight.. and while we continue to finalize our business plan and get our finances in order (currently open to potential investors ;).. Chad is taking time away to re-charge, re-focus, re-invent and " Chadify" new and exciting recipes for our very own concept. We couldn’t be more thrilled at the prospect of actually having TIME to spend together.. WEEKENDS to be a normal couple!!...and the chance to perfect Dallas’ next great concept restaurant! There’s some exciting things in store for us, that’s for sure... STAY TUNED!

Currently taking reservations for our Menu Tasting / Recipe Experiment Sessions. ;) Sign up today!!


Kelli said...

That is great!!! Can't wait to hear what the future holds for you guys! Congrats to you both!

Pat Ramos said...

Will you please let me know what days the Menu Tasting/Recipe Experiment Sessions will be? I would like to book my flight with enough time to be there. I will also bring a friend so that you will have various opinions =)

Yvette said...

Thanks for the love ladies! And yes! Pat.. AND Kelli too for that matter ;).. we will give you BOTH PLENTY of advanced warnings to get your taste buds ready.. Would love to have the opinions! :)

Mike said...

We're MORE than ready, willing and able to be in the tasting sessions!