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Sunday, September 25, 2011

DFW to Barcelona, Spain - Day 1 :)

Cue the 80’s En Vogue video flashback… “Back to Life… Back to Reality"…

I hate to admit that’s been re-playing in my head all morning since I woke up. Annoyingly, I don’t even know all of the words.. (but I’m not sure I even WANT to) ;)

So as you might have guessed, after a year of planning (and saving), our European Adventure has come and gone.  Boo. Although it was just as amazing as we had imagined it would be, I must admit that it was the PERFECT amount of time to be away. Our bodies ached and our longing for the comforts of home had just begun to appear as the last day in Paris came to an end. Perfect timing.

And as much as I’m sure you all love to hear me ramble, I’m devoting these next several posts to our VERY well documented vacation, with over 3,000 pictures taken in just 10 days… (what can I say, I want to remember EVERYTHING!). We actually used our baby Canon handheld more than I thought we would..just cause it was easier to lug around and less of a tourist target..but I'm happy to say that our little guy did VERY WELL!  :) 

Oh and I’m also going to post for the days that we were actually there.. if in case, one day, I decide to make a Blog Book. ;)

Pretty darn good airplane food I must say....
at least mine was, Chad got some sad looking chicken dish (that wasn't worth a 

Pit Stop for a plane change in Madrid.  :)

Finding our way through the really cool industrial looking airport.  :)

So long Aeropuerto De Madrid - Barajas... Until we meet again.  :)

And we're OFF... again.  :)
Madrid to Barcelona

View of the mountain side cemetry from our fast moving taxi...

Carrer de Monjos, where our temporary "home away from home" was.. for three days at least :)
Our super cute little apartment we found on :)
The owners were super nice..they even met us at the front door to give us suggestions on things to do and places to go :) 

Living/Dining room, with Chad standing in our bedroom.  :) 

View from our itty bitty balcony...

After meeting up with Jenn, her hubs Brent and Christine and her hubs Darren (at the Statue of Columbus), we headed to the Metro to ride up to Montjuic

Chad and Brent taking a looksie

Correfoc - or Fire Run, is part of the Merce Festival that takes place every year throughout the city.  Correfoc takes place at dusk normally along and around Via Laietana. The street is closed off and then "The Devils" emerge running up the streets with bangers and hand held fireworks. Fire breathing dragons (or at least sparkler-breathing dragons) also roam the streets with Devils skipping along with spiralling fireworks held in their hands.

NUTS is all I can say.  Will post a short video soon to show you what I mean. 

One of the Correfoc Dragons at the end of the parade route - Looks worn out.  ;)

Santa Maria del Mar - is an imposing church in the Ribera district of Barcelona, Spain, built between 1329 and 1383 at the height of Catalonia's maritime and mercantile preeminence

What a beautiful sight!!
Ran right into one of my favorite churches in Barcelona, Santa Maria Del Mar, as we head to our meeting spot after the crazy Correfoc madness. 

Dinner at a cafe by our apartment with the gang. 

Spanish Paella - a must :)


View from the beach - Pez Gehry off to the right :)

Jenn and Brenty, being silly

And.... that's a wrap!  For the night anyway. 
Time to rest up for Day 2 :)

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