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Monday, September 26, 2011

Barcelona, Spain Day 2 - Pre Siesta :)

FULL Day #2 in Barcelona - Jet Lag Prevention Theory ACTUALLY WORKS and we hit the ground running, never skipping a beat.  First order of the day, La Boqueria to grab a morning snack or two and see whatever sites happen along our way to the Passeig De Gracia where we hit up one of Gaudi's crazy creations, Casa Batllo. 

Come along for the ride.  ;)

Counting our bills before heading out for the day. :) 
Crazy how COLORFUL the Euros are! 

Damn tiny Europeans ;) 
So many times poor Chad had to duck to get into places, INCLUDING our apartment!  Hahaha..

On our way to the Ramblas (walking along Port Vell) to start our day of exploring...

Giant Lobster Sculpture.  :) 

These crazy looking doors were more common in Barcelona than you'd imagine..

Not exactly sure what this was.. but it looked like one hard core port-a-potty! 

Looks like someone is having a hard time waking up this morning... :)  So cute!!! 

Starting off at the end of the Ramblas.  Mission:  La Boqueria

One of the MANY artist vendors that line The Ramblas

Chad got a kick at how TINY their "pennies" were.. So CUTE!

Time to find us some breakfast!  :)

Chad's eyes got soooooo HUGE seeing all this glorious PROTEIN everywhere.. lol..
Gotta love my Chef. ;)

Love all the pretty colors!

These flavored drinks were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!  Not too sweet, not too tart.  YUMMY!

Fruit cup on the go.. We grabbed one of these tasty beauties for our walk around town. 

Next Stop:  Barcelona Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter

Gaudi's Casa Batllo - built in 1877 down the Passeig De Gracia

Crazy water like interior ceiling..

Flower Pot wall outside on the roof

Looking up the interior of Casa Batllo

Coolest attic hallway EVER :)

Up to the roof we go.

View from the roof of Casa Batllo

Incredibly detailed...

Time for a midday snack before Siesta Time!  :) 
Later this afternoon, La Sagrada Familia with the gang

If there was one thing I wish the United States would take from would most definitely have to be their tradition for the "Siesta" or (short nap taken in the early afternoon for all you non Spanish speaking folks..who must live in a hole in the ground if you don't know what that word means ;) Kidding.. but not really. ;)  What a glorious thing!  It cuts the day in two, recharges your batteries and sets you on your way allowing you to take on the rest of the day.  It took us all of two seconds to "adjust" to this new found tradition (well you pretty much HAVE to take a siesta, SO MANY things close down for a while during the afternoon!)... 

Next Up:  Late Afternoon Meet Up with the Gang at Sagrada Familia :) 

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