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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jet Lag Prevention Theory - Pre-Vacation Hysteria

For those of you who have ever traveled abroad, you know that jet lag can hit you pretty damn hard.  Your body is out of whack, your head feels out of sorts...and eventually, probably after the adrenaline of being in a new and exciting place has worn off, you succumb to it and end up sleeping more than you should...during the middle of the day...when you really should be out and about exploring. 

A few days before our trip, Chad and I devised a plan to try to beat Mr. Jet Lag at his own game.  ;)  Waking up each day an hour earlier.. (and going to bed an hour earlier each night)... we found ourselves a bit  grumpy and near hysteria at 3:45am on the morning of our flight to Barcelona. 

Thank goodness for Walmart being open 24 hours and giving us a place to run amok in the wee hours of the morning.. ;) 

As you can tell, pictures speak a thousand words.. ;) 

hahahaha.. this one makes me crack up every time I see it. 
LOVE my silly HUSBAND! 

Pippy Longstocking's Elmo??  Lol..

This was Chad saying Scoooby Doooby Dooooo... ;)  Caught in mid-Doooo  ;)

I think I might have to go back for this one... (for Chad of course.  ;)

Normas Cafe at 6am.  Best and WORST idea for a pre-flight meal. 
SOOOOO Good, but SOOOO RICH, it made us a bit queasy. 

BEST biscuits you'll ever have in your life..  HANDS DOWN.  Must try again at a decent hour.  ;) 

Stay tuned for pictures of
Day 1 - DFW to Barcelona


Jesse said...

Looks like fun! I miss Barcelona and have to go back! (Nick's never been!) Thank you for sharing. I enjoy living vicariously through y'all. :-)

Yvette said...

It was an amazing trip! And you HAVE to take Nick there.. Barcelona is definitely one of my all-time favorite European cities, hands down. And glad you're enjoying our blog! Nice to know someone out there is reading! ;) And KEEP reading, I'll be posting more on our trip in the coming days. :)