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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Avignon, France Day 1 - Exploring Our New Surroundings & Dinner :)

Part II of our European Adventure took Chad and I to Avignon, France.  It was essentially our "pit-stop" before hitting Paris, and although we'd done our research and sort of knew what we might encounter there, we were both still really surprised at how quaint this medieval walled city was.  It was slow enough to be restful but still had enough to do and see during our two and a half days there.  It was perfect.  

Time to test out the European train system!  ALL ABOARD! :) 

Barcelona to Montpellier.  Montpellier to Avignon, France.

Pit stop snackage in Montpellier  :)

A few hours later and we finally had arrived at Gare D' Avignon Centre.  :)

Entrance into the city... Time to trek it to La Banasterie, our B&B for the next two days.   

Why couldn't we ALL have taxi stands like THIS?!? Crazy little fortress tower..

Just passing through..

Pit stop at the Tourism Center to pick up a city map

Just your run of the mill church ;)

Almost to our B&B..

If you didn't know it was there... you would've easily missed it. 
So cute though.. We definitely did good with this little gem of a place.  :)

Entrance to the Bed & Breakfast

Our room overlooked this cute little courtyard. :)

Almost there!  Each night, the owners of La Banasterie would light the tea lights on the stairs up to our room.  Felt so special.. almost like we were on our honeymoon again!  :) 

Private roof top patio :)

The other side of the patio, still overlooking that little courtyard (which you can't see off the right)

The Criollo Suite.  And poor Chad STILL not having enough head room :) 

After a somewhat brief ;) nap, we head out to explore the city and find dinner. :)

And found THIS monster!  Well we knew it was there but we never imagined it would be THIS BIG!! 
The Palais des Papes, or otherwise known to us American folks as the Pope's Palace, right smack in the middle of the city.. SO BEAUTIFUL!!

So many cute little cafes to choose from

We finally settled on a suggestion from our B&B owner... (and we were so incredibly glad we DID :)
Le Moutardier du Pape overlooking the Pope's Palace. 
Not only did we get AMAZING food, but a SPECTACULAR view! 

Dinner and a Show :)  What could be better?!

Don't ask.  I have no idea why the focus is on the bread and not the Foie Gras Chad got for his first course.  ;) 

Curry Chicken Roll Up with a Hazelnut Herb Salad

"Gambas a la plancha" over polenta, sorrel pesto and herb salad

I have to be honest and say I have no idea what Chad had... Thank goodness for our lovely French waitress who knew English well enough to translate their menu for us.  And by this kinda crappy picture, I just can't tell.  :)  Sorry everyone. 

BUT I DO remember this guy.. OMG.  Yummy.. not too sweet, just like I like it. 
White Chocolate mousse with mango puree

Chad got a Red Wine Cinnamon Poached Pear, wafers and mousse with hazelnut caramel

Time to rest up for our full Day 2 in Avignon!  :)  STAY TUNED!!

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