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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Avignon, France Day 2 - Part 1: Morning Snack, Stroll and Chez Lulu

We loved that Avignon had such a sense of CALM surrounding the city.  After being amongst the Merce Festival crowd in Barcelona and knowing what we were heading towards in Paris.. Chad and I took this time to REALLY slow down and just enjoy this little city.  No rush, no real plans.  It was heavenly and just what we needed to break up our trip.  First order of the day, a little snack prepared by our "Inn keepers".  :) 

Fresh fruit with a little powered sugar

A great selection of breads and an assortment of jams..

In this cute little room at our B&B

Loved the DETAILS of this city..

Was the arch built around the rocks or...???

Everything was so OLD! 

True cobblestone streets

The back of the Pope's Palace..

Panoramic Views above the Rhone River

This plaque gave the direction and distance to the neighboring cities..

Loved this old crooked tree..

Overlooking Avignon's famous bridge..

Time for lunch at Chez Lulu... another recommendation from the owners of our B&B :)

Our starter plate - Chantrelle Mushroom Tart and Garden Salad

Guess I should've felt bad for letting Chad order the Lulu Salad...when I got..

THIS american classic.  I told him it was for "research" purposes only. 
Come on.. I HAD to try the "French" France.. lol..right??
It didn't really work (Chad STILL gave me grief about going American in France)..
honestly, I just needed a little comfort food. :)

And how can anyone resist THIS?!  And was ONE HELL of a tasty burger I must say..
One of the best WE've ever had. (Chad agrees)  Those French folks surely know what they're doing.. ;)

Next Up:  The Pope's Palace and Dinner at L'Essentiel Restaurant

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