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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Barcelona, Spain Day 3 - Dinner at Comerç 24

So I have to admit that for as much as I was looking forward to trying out these well known, Michelin star restaurants Chad had made reservations at during our time in Europe... a part of me.. A HUGE part of me, was nervous.  I tried not to show it or bring it up to Chad so he wouldn't feel guilty or think he was "dragging" me to something I wasn't ready for... Because I WAS still excited to see what all the buzz was about and I know my palate had come a long way in these last three years.  But would these things be over my head?  Would I even "get" it?  Would they be offended if I didn't finish everything they brought out??  

Sensing my trepidation, Chad "prepped" me beforehand, telling me that IT WOULD in fact be a very different dining experience than I've ever known before and that even HE would give up control of his menu selections if a set "tasting menu" was offered.  So I put my trust in the culinary gods of Comerç 24 and never looked back.  :)

Dinner reservations were set for 9:30 and after brief review of the menu... (a 12 course set tasting menu being offered and selected)... one of our 3 waiters asked us if we had any food preferences or allergies, then brought out some bread (chosen by us from a HUGE tray of different artisanal breads they presented to us)  and our wine selection.  

One by one, the dishes came out...beautifully presented and full of culinary delight.  All of our senses were engaged..from the striking colors of the beet foam to flavor combinations even Chad had never tried before. And even though there were a few things that weren't exactly my cup of tea, I did try and FINISH everything that came our way.  12 courses in over 3 hours!  Needless to say, it was most definitely the most unique and FLAVORFUL dining experience of my life!  

 Cauliflower Soup with Smoked Tea and Nori, Cauliflower Florets with Ginger and Rice Vinegar and Chilled Monkfish with Black Sesame and Black Garlic

French Oysters with Beet Foam

 Beach Shrimp Ceviche with White Peach Ice "Granita"

 "Pizza 24" -Black Fig, Anchovies and Arugula

 Filo, Parmesan and Lemon Cigars with Basil

 Cockles in Clarified Dashi Broth with Okra

 Marinated Sardines with Orange, Wasabi and "Crunchies" for some texture - So Simple and yet so flavorful. A favorite

 Our Favorite Olive Oil.  Part of the tasting menu included a Spanish Olive Oil Flight with our Bread. 
 The oils ranged from big and bold to light and fruity.  This one was in the middle somewhere.

 Consome with Truffle, Parmesan and Egg Spheres

 Razor Clams "Yakisoba"

 Tuna Sashimi "Pizza"

 Tuna Tartare with Salmon Roe and Egg Yolk

Chad, contemplating the next dish.. :)

 Cod Romesco and Squash Blossom

 Field Rabbit Risotto with Esperdenyes (Sea Cucumber)

 Prawn in Salt - This was a super fresh Prawn where the tail was dipped into hot water until just barely cooked leaving the head still raw.  "FROM THE SEA" would be the best description for the flavor

 Iberian Cochinillio - The skin was CANDY

 Cheese Course with Spanish Cheese with the exception of the Brie from France.  Wish we could remember them all... doubtful we can find them here in Dallas anyway.

Restaurant Chandelier made of music cymbals :)

 "Mel y Mato" with Summer Truffle
Almost like a marshmallow with crushed unsweetened dark chocolate "crunchies" and truffle shavings, candied hazelnut on the side.

 This was ridiculously good. A moment of silence please....

 Lemon Ice Tea with Pineapple


 The first wave...

 The final course... 6 different items

 Apple-Saffron with a Caramel Chocolate Crumble

 "Conguito ç24" - They look like dense chocolate truffles yet they are thin chocolate shells filled with an amazing creamy hazelnut-like core.  Surprise would best describe this dish.

 "Napolita" with Strawberries.  A simple Cream Foam with Whole Basil Leaves and Strawberries

A moment of silence for the barren rock that no longer held our favorite dessert.  

Dark Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches with Sesame, Coco Crusted Pine Nuts, Ganache Painted with Gold Dust and Grean Tea White Chocolate Bars.

 A lil' sumpin' sumpin' to remember the meal so we wouldn't forget the awesomeness.

To read more about the excitement leading up to this restaurant visit, check out our original Comerç 24 post HERE.  

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