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Monday, July 04, 2011

Sangria Funday Recipe :)

In honor of the holidays (HAPPY 4th of July Everyone!) and this scorching Texas summer heat, I've decided to do a quick post on our very popular Sunday Funday Sangria Recipe!  A few of you have asked for the recipe after posting some photos on Facebook, so I thought I'd put it out there for everyone to enjoy.  (Sorry, by the way, that the pictures are just "Eh.." , they were taken with my phone a while ago...waaaay before the "Sangria Ban" went into effect at our house.)  Lol.. with that said, a little word to the wise...these things are unexpectedly powerful!  After our last Sangria "Session", Chad said we needed to "cool it" for a while if "we" wanted to be fully functional at work the next day...And by "we", I mean "HE".  Amateur.  ;)

Ok.. so here's what you'll need.  
- The biggest pitcher you can find.. (ours was too small to start) 
- 2 medium/large oranges
- 3 medium limes
- 2 large lemons 
- 1 and 1/2 cartons of strawberries (all fruit sliced somewhat thin)
- Agave Nectar OR sugar to taste 
- and a splash of ginger ale added at the end for fizz (to taste really..not necessary)

- We ended up using four white wines (two moscato's which are generally sweeter whites which means less sugar needed to your sangria, and two pinot grigios) you don't have to buy expensive kinds either.. (we used Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi for the Moscato and Beringer for the Pinots)
- Shot of Cointreau for each bottle used

Combine all ingredients and lightly muddle fruit.  Let sit for as long as possible for maximum flavor marriage.  :)  


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