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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Getting Over the Hump...

As if this nasty heat wasn't enough to deal it seems like the summertime bug is upon all of us here in Dallas.  Allergies are running amok, bodies are aching, chests are congesting... you name it, the folks I'm surrounded with, have it.  And our house, unfortunately, hasn't been spared.  Not only has the Mister been working over time... (don't really remember the last time the poor guy had a real day off)  ;(...but he's been battling what seems like a bad cold?...or flu?...or maybe it's just a combination of stress, exhaustion and old age. :/  Whatever the case may be, I thought I'd devote this post to some "Pick Me Up" pictures I'm sure we ALL could use to get us through this next leg of the week.  Just. Because. I. Need. to. Smile.  :)

How could you NOT smile when you look at this picture?!  hehehehehehe.. I love it.

Poor Little Guys...:)

Photo by : Colour Me Happy

"Must Have Been The Tequila"...

Now who wouldn't be in a better mood with these beauties sitting around..??
Why Hello Nose... :)

This soooo reminds me of Chad and I.. ;)
(If I were to actually WEAR the glasses I have and probably still need)

"I win"... :)
In honor of the boxers Chad had growing up.. :)

Pretty Amazing..
Anastassia Elias - Artist


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