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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Wall Flower Project

A few weeks ago, as I was doing my usual afternoon rounds through Pinterest.. I came across a project so simple, I'm kinda upset I didn't think of it myself!  :)  I'm never short on wanting something creative, easy and distracting to do while the hub's away at work so I showed the project to Chad.  I thought surely he'd think I was nuts for wanting to incorporate a craft project involving paper towel and toilet paper rolls into our house...BUT, after a few moments of stunned silence..or maybe it was confusion...he said "cool..let's do it."  And by "let's do it", he just meant, YOU do it.. I approve... and I only think you're SLIGHTLY nuts ;)  

Either way, I set out to collect as many toilet/paper towel rolls as I could find... (which actually didn't take as long as I expected..scouring the break room areas at work and such)... and I FINALLY had enough to get started.  This project has actually been done several times over in I'm not exactly sure who to give FULL credit to...but if you find that I stink at giving's a pretty good tutorial on it (with FINISHED pictures as mine's still a work in progress.  ;)  

Step One: Start Your Collection

Step Two:  Flatten and Cut (equal'll usually get 5 strips per toilet roll)

I actually had a mix of white lined interior rolls and natural ones.. 
(I kept my whites together and the natural ones together to make my flowers.. )

My Project Manager Macie, keeping an eye on the progress... ;)

Apply tacky glue and start your flowers!  Yes folks.. it really is, THAT simple.  :)

Some flowers got left small... 

Some were made bigger... 

Yup... still taking that project manager role VEERRRYY seriously... ;)  

And some were left in their natural state.. 
I'm thinking I'll probably end up painting these bad boys next weekend.. 

Ta Da!  

As I mentioned before.. It's very much still a work in progress.  I didn't have quite enough to fill the space I was hoping to fill... so after I see how they all come together on our wall, I'll be sure and post a Wall Flower Update.  So far, so good though... Stay tuned!  

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