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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Gallery Wall "How-To"... Sorta :)

Let me just start this by saying the time I realized this little project would be a great "how-to", I was already half way into it.  Oops..

I've never actually done a REAL "how-to" on this blog before so when I realized that this was similar to the art gallery wall project I had done in our office-slash-den...(which turned out so well with VERY little out of pocket expense)...I knew this time, I had to share how I did it. 
**You can see the blog post (that inspired this post) with our other art wall.... here.

The last time I did this type of project, I was lucky enough to score perfectly cut, 12" x 12" foam core boards from work (that were about to be trashed).  This time, I wasn't so lucky...BUT, I had been noticing that a lot of still-in-great-shape cardboard boxes were being thrown away, in mass, on a weekly basis.  You know... paper boxes, miscellaneous packages boxes...yada, yada, yada. 

Seeing an opportunity for another great and CHEAP art project, I loaded up on the best looking boxes I could find and took them home.  I then took an exacto knife and started cutting.  I made sure that I had two of any given size in good condition (the top and bottom flaps of the boxes or the sides..whatever really.  As long as they were flat and in good condition, they made the cut....literally..haha. ;)  Just laugh.  You know I'm a dork.  ;) 

After I had gotten two sets of the cardboard cut to the same size, I used Aleene's tacky glue to glue them together.  Easy Peasy.  (Side Note:  Two layers worked but I if I do this again, I'm doing 3 layers of the same size boards).  I then cut smaller, 1" x 2" rectangles....and layered them as well.  (Again, 3..maybe even 4 layers works better).  You'll see in later pictures how I glued those two layered puppies to the backs of my larger cardboard squares and rectangles.  So far so good??  (I realize I'd never make it as a teacher so I apologize if you're like WTH???) ...just stay with me.. pictures are coming soon... :)

Next came printing some pictures.  Now I realize that not everyone is lucky enough to have Photoshop like I do...BUT, you CAN do the same concept with cardboard that is cut to standard photo sizes.  I then used the dimensions of the cardboard I had cut to determine the sizes of the pictures I wanted to use.  I printed them on good quality paper...and like the last time, had them laminated for that extra glossy picture effect.  :)  If you print your pictures at the store to standard size enlargements, you don't even need to do that step.. I just happened to have a laminating machine at my disposal..

Two boards cut, somewhat perfectly, and glued printed and laminated..
Next came the good ol' masking tape! :)

I decided to use the masking tape instead of glue simply because it's temporary.  I realize temporary doesn't always work for everyone but I decided that if I ever wanted to change the pictures out later, I can..without ruining the pictures.  If the masking tape decides it doesn't want to play nice and hold up anymore.. I'll just put more!  No problemo.  :)

There was no real rhyme or reason for the placement of the tape.. just enough to hold my pictures up for a while. 

First picture ready to be taped..  
(courtesy of our superly, awesomely, wonderful wedding photographers, Jimmages) :) 
Now that's a lot of crazy adjectives!! ;)  They really were a delight to work with..

Here's what I was talking about with the two layered, 1"x2" rectangles glued to the bigger cardboard rectangles.  Again... just to be annoyingly repetitive, if I were you, I'd use at least 3 layers for both the big rectangles AND the smaller ones.  OH, and I also found that you need more than two per board.. you need four.. one for each corner of the big rectangle.. just to keep it from being wobbly on the wall.  Just a little note to self. 

I then laid everything down on the floor to see how I wanted it to be placed over our entry hutch. 
You might remember the wedding shadow boxes on the far left that I made and showed on the blog post titled... Shadow Box Love  :)

Our barren front entry wall..
We had, for the longest time, a few large pictures leaning up against the wall but that set-up just wasn't working for me, I took some of those framed pictures that were there and worked it into the cardboard cut-out ensemble.  :)

One by one they went up...with only a few course corrections along the way.  (I only really measured the first three shadow box placements... then... I just went at it, Willy Nilly Style ;)  Good thing it worked out for me..

Unfortunately this part of the wall isn't very properly lit.  The shadows make it feel a bit wonky and crooked.... BUT... for the most part I think it came out great!  Of course, the fabulous pictures Jimmages took, help the wall look bright and colorful.  (Have I mentioned how wonderful our wedding photographers are!!??  ;)  If you're in the DFW area..and are looking for really great, down to earth photographers that do quality work with great creative spirits.. these are your guys!! 

Oh yeah and don't mind the peppermint-candy-looking-Christmas-candles we are STILL rockin'.  We'll change them out eventually.  ;)  Well... maybe... ;)

When Chad got home from work and sat down with me on the stairs to share in my appreciation of the wall I had just worked so hard on... he said the candles below made it look like a "shrine to our wedding"... hahahaha.. thanks Chad, thanks A LOT.. now that's ALL I SEE!!!.  :)  Guess that whole candle thing will be moved soon too.. NOT JUST the peppermint candy looking ones.  Silly boy...


Jacki Lee said...

<3 <3 <3 Love! <3 <3 <3

Yvette said...

Awww.. thanks Jacki! We love it too ;) We sat on our stairs for awhile last night and even this morning and just admired it. hehehehe.. we're silly like that. We love all the brilliant colors in all the beautiful photos Jim took!