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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Secret Life...

Every so often Chad and I will sit down on a random I've-had-a-crap-day-and-I-either-need-a-strong-drink-OR-a-little-inspiration....and watch The Secret.  We have it on our instant watch list on Netflix for just such occassions.  It's such an inspirational piece of work... it helps Chad and I put everything in perspective... reminds us to focus on the positive things in our life... and to start dreaming and thinking of all the wonderful things that we WILL have someday.  We just have to believe it.. Anyone else watch The Secret?

A few months ago (and I don't think for whatever reason that I blogged about it....BAD blogger.... BAD!) Chad and I took a little trip down to Austin for their annual tour of homes.  Almost every single house we saw was just spectacular.  And I mean, jaw dropping spectacular.  Not just plain spectacular. ;) Amazing architecture, amazing use of space...just plain Amazing.  Capital A.  The kinds of houses that make you want to lock yourself up in a random closet until they have locked up and left for the evening...just so you could pretend it was yours...if only for a night... (just in the non-occupied houses of as to not be creepy).  Cue that movie with Natalie Portman where she gets locked up at Wal-Mart then starts staying there...I forget the name.  Anyway...yeah, like that.

One particular house on that tour is set to be OUR house one day.  I don't know how.  I don't know when.  But someday it will be the Kelley House.  As part of our "Secret" plans to visualize and plan ahead for all the things that will one day be ours.. I've decided to let you all see what we WILL call our very OWN.  Dream big or go home.. right???  ;)

Meet our architect... Mr. James La Rue

I bet Chef Chad Kelley could create some pretty awesome menu items in this kitchen :)

downstairs gameroom

Ready for more than a few dinner parties... 


Consider this an official invitation for all of you to attend the dinner parties we will one day have here.  Just throwing it out there.  :)  

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