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Saturday, June 04, 2011

I heart Jo Totes :)

I SWEAR it feels like Christmas right now!!

For the last two months I've been waiting... and waiting... and waiting some more... for this "CAMERA-bag-slash-SUPER-CUTE-addition-to-my-purse-collection" to become available on the Jo Totes website... and..... it's FINALLY HERE!!  (doing a little chair jig now for effect ;)  After a few apologetic emails from the company rep (who was VERY nice by the way, in case you ever decide to order from this company)... I decided to very patiently hold out until it became available (instead of scouring the internet for a sub-par substitute).  Can you even believe it's a CAMERA bag?!  I didn't think to take pictures of the inside (I was WAAAAAAAY too excited to stop showing it off to the ladies at the office ;) to show all the potential ways to place your camera equipment inside it but check out the website and you'll see what I mean.. ;)

What a STYLISH upgrade this is from what we have at home! (No offense to Chad who initially picked out our way-too-professional-looking-monster-bag-that-doesn't-go-with-anything-I-wear-and-is-a-bit-too manly-for-my-taste) ;)

Now I can FINALLY attend Chad's beer and restaurant events without having to haphazardly stash our big canon in whatever purse I'm using that day..  CUTE and FUNCTIONAL?! I'll take it!  The hardest part was deciding a color... it was between the Marigold and the Raspberry.  Two guesses which one I decided on.  ;) 

And HOW PERFECT is this going to be for our European get-a-way in September?!  Purse and Camera bag all in one?!...Now I won't necessarily look like a tourist.. I'll just have a cute purse!  :) 

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