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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend with the Girlies - Part II

In honor of our THREE year anniversary (woo hoo!) of our first date (awwww.... ;) to Lone Star Park (ponies!!!)... we loaded into the car and set out to good ol' Grand Prairie, Texas to win all that money we lost on those blasted horses 3 years ago... ;) Well that was the intention anyway... it didn't quite work out as well as we had planned..... BUT... we had fun regardless, and the girls (Jenn and Christine) really seemed to enjoy themselves.. :)

It's funny how seriously we took picking out the horses we would bet on... from coming out to the holding/staging area before each race to "check out the horses physiques"... to making our wagers according to how cool and/or funny their names were... we were certified gambling PROFESSIONALS!! It really is no wonder we didn't win any REAL money..   ;) 

Watching the ponies make their way to the starting gate. 

Come on #3... show me what you got.  :)

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