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Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Flavor Bible - Twitter Link

So I definitely thought this was cool enough to deserve a post all its own.  Last night Chad mentioned that he had heard that the actual AUTHORS of the book The Flavor Bible had tweeted a link to his Dallas Observer Article that came out late last month.  How incredibly COOL is THAT?! 

Flavor Bible Authors Link Chad's Observer Article on Twitter!

The Flavor Bible, as mentioned in Chad's article as a source of reference and inspiration whenever he gets a cooking brain fart (my words, not his ;) is a 2009 James Beard Book Award Winner for Best Book: Reference and Scholarship.  It also won the 2010 Nautilus Book Award Winner - Silver in the Category: Food/Cooking/Nutrition.  What an honor! 

Check out their website here.  Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

Oh and of course the link to the Dallas Observer Interview with Chad where he referenced their book.  Dallas Observer - City of Ate

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