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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh Happy RIGHT!!

**** This amazing Give-a-way is now closed... Unfortunately, we didn't win....****

Good thing Chad and I have already made our plans to go to Paris anyway!!! Wonder if I can get Jordan to meet up with us and show us around?!?!  How awesome would THAT be?!

Throughout the INFINITE (literally infinite... it goes on FOREVER!!) number of blogs on my google reader blog list, I've found myself lately gravitating towards those of the Parisian persuasion...  ;)  Several blogs have me coming back for more each week to keep up with what's happening in Paris...and one of my favorite Paris related blogs is fittingly called Oh Happy Day.  (I think if I called Paris home, it would CERTAINLY be a Happy Day, EVERYDAY! ) As I scrolled through their posts yesterday... what to my wandering eyes did appear???  A free trip to Paris??  No way?!?!  Oh dear!  (cheese I )

You don't have to tell me twice... I'll take it! Well... I'll try to take it.. and guess what, YOU CAN TOO!! Visit the site to find several ways to enter for a 7 day trip for 2 whole people!! 2 WHOLE, INTACT beings...for SEVEN DAYS?!?!  Seriously??!!  Holy Awesome-ness!  It's worth a shot, right??  Fingers crossed for everyone... and if you win by seeing it on this blog... I BETTER be one of those whole BEINGS joining you on that trip!!  lol..  ;)

Oh Happy Day

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