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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Weekend O' Fun with the Mister

It's funny how Chad and I will give ourselves reasons to celebrate anytime Chad gets a Friday or Saturday off from the restaurant.  It's unusual, as you can probably anytime he has a weekend off, we try to pack it all in.  ;)  On this Saturday O' Fun, Chad and I had a plethora (oooo... big word ;) of fun activities planned...and luckily with Mother's Day on Sunday, Dallas wasn't short on fun things for us to do! 

Our first stop of the day, after a tasty breakfast at our usual weekend brunch stop - Cafe Brazil, was Vetro Glassblowers in Grapevine, Texas. 

Part of Vetro's event schedule was helping the glassblowers create our very own glass flower or glass bowl.  We even got to choose our own colors.  :)  I helped make a multi-colored flower with a swirly stem and Chad chose a blue wavy edged bowl.  We can't wait to see how they turn out! We'll have more pictures to share once we pick them up from the studio on Wednesday.  :)

After I helped heat the glass to a liquid/molten state, and integrated the colored glass chips...the Vetro guy took over finishing out my mini masterpiece.  :)

Chad's turn to work his magic

His was a bit more involved than my flower was...

From ball to bowl...

And wa-la!

Next stop:  A Historic Home Tour down Swiss Ave. in Dallas. 

Munger Place Church.  First stop on the tour

Built in the 1920's, the restoration kept much of the original doors, windows, fixtures and church pews. 

This guy doesn't look very friendly... :/

Definitely our favorite home on the tour...

Modern with vintage elements..

LOVED this exposed arch which was obviously the point of an expansion in the house.
It was warm and inviting with clean modern lines, no fuss, no frills... LOVED. IT.

Although we weren't huge fans of the giant glass table with the super manly/ super sleek modern chairs.. I appreciated the use of space.  

Loved the kitchen.  The clean look of the cabinets, the huge island in the middle, the large wall of doors and windows, the teeny tiny floor tiles, the industrial equipment, loved it all.  I'll take it.  ;)

Greeting us at the top of the stairs was this cute little sitting area...very well dressed.  :)
Wanted those cute little elephants to come home with me.. Guess we'll just have to move in instead.  ;)

One of the guest rooms.. Again, very well dressed.  :)  Definitely my style..
Not overly one style or theme.. not overly feminine, not overly masculine, not overly vintage...just simply classic. 

There was a total of seven houses on this tour, both off and on Swiss Ave.. By the time we actually made it to Swiss Ave. though, throngs of people started to gather at the entrances where Docents gave us information on the history of each house.  It was interesting to hear but HOT AS HELL on this May day... so I was all but eager to rush through the remaining homes just to get back in the air conditioned car.  :)  It was awesome though...thankfully Chad and I are both equally interested in architecture enough to appreciate activities like these.  :) 

Next Up:  Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees :)

Sea of red, white and blue.. 49,000 fans in attendance

Uh oh... Caught in a pickle..

Rangers WIN!  Rangers 7, Yankees 5

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