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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Shower for Sweet Baby Landrah :)

Hey Diddle Diddle,
Have You Seen Celeste’s Middle?!

She's having a baby GIRL and in honor of the blessed event, and this spectacular weekend filled with birthday parties and friends, I helped my sweet friend Celeste celebrate the upcoming arrival of her baby Landrah, due June 5th. :)  The day was perfect...well it was a scorcher outside really...but the decorations and tables we helped set up the night before came out beautifully and the room quickly filled with friends and family, helping lighten the day with love and laughter.  Can't wait to see this gorgeous baby Celeste, you're going to be such a beautiful Mom!  Glad I could be down to share in this wonderful day with you.  :)

The cute centerpieces Celeste and her mom made.. :)

Pay SPECIAL attention to the fancy napkin folds 'yours truly' did.. ;) 

I loved the fact that even though she's having a girl, Celeste opted to go with a BOLD, vibrant color scheme for the cake and table covers.... Aaaahhh... a girl after my own heart. 
I'm not a huge fan of baby blues and pastely colors either Celeste.  :) 

Mmmm... Pan De Polvo.  My weakness.  ;)

:)  Such a cute BELLY!

Baby Shower Game time!  :) 
This one involved wearing an apron with various baby items pinned to it.  Celeste made a quick lap through the crowd, then hid while everyone tried to remember what was on the apron.  :) 

Seriously?  Other than the BASKETBALL hiding under her dress, you can't tell she's even pregnant! 

Time to open some presents!

In honor of the Royal Wedding, Celeste takes to a gift bag filled with colored tissue for a fashionable English hat.  :)  All while practicing her wave... ;) 

On behalf of Celeste and the other hostess' who helped plan and execute this beautiful party,
Thank you for joining us! 

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