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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

La Chouffe Beer Dinner - The Meddlesome Moth

It usually doesn't take much convincing for Chad to get me down to the restaurant when he has a beer dinner or event to attend.  Even when I end up parked at the bar spending more time interacting with the bartenders and servers than my husband, it's always nice just to be in his presence taking in the energy of the customers and seeing how the controlled chaos is playing out in the kitchen.  This time, the event was to highlight a brewery from Belgium named Brasserie D'Achouffe and the guest speaker for the evening was founder Chris Bauweraerts.  This was also supposed to be one of Chad's days off so I took the opportunity to spend some time with him while taking a few snaps of the event for posterity.  :)  Yet another successful dinner to add to the list.  ;)

Cute little La Chouffe Gnome that usually sits up at the bar

Menu of Chad's tasty creations for the evening

Dungeness Crab Cake with a Creole Remoulade

One of three beer glasses used that night.

As Chad worked the event and the room, one of the bartenders and I played "Paper, rock, scissors" with the Sessions beer tops he opened for the diners that night.  By the end of the night, I had quite the collection.  :)

Course #3.  Orange Peel Beef with Chinese Long Beans and Jasmine Rice
Unfortunately I was a bit rushed through the pictures of course 2 so they didn't make the cut. 
Sorry Chad  :(

First Bottle Signed in Texas :)

Awww.... cute little old man.  :)

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